Prepare Macaroni Salad at home

macaroni salad Recipe

Make this recipe at home, not from the market

For how many people: 4


Pasta Macaroni (boiled) – 2 cups

Bean (boiled) – 1/2 cup

Carrots (boiled) – 1/2 cup

Cucumber (chopped) – 1

Almonds (toasted) – 1/4 cup

Coriander leaves (chopped) – 1 teaspoon

Low Fat Curd – 200 grams


To make macaroni salad, first of all, take a pan and after that add water. Now, add pasta macaroni and cook it. Then, take separate utensils and cook the bean and carrot. After this take a separate bowl and add cooked pasta macaroni to it. Add roasted almonds, bean, carrot, and curd. Then, add the cucumber to the bowl. Mix all the ingredients properly. Garnish it with coriander leaves and serve in a platter. Your macaroni salad is ready.

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